About Me

About Me- WhenWearGo

Alicia was born with a creative streak that constantly needed to be fed.

As a child she enjoyed making mosaics, playing her flute or sketching pictures of the local scenery. Knowing how much she loved artistic things she thought that becoming a visual effects artist would be the perfect profession for her. Initially, she enjoyed the work and loved the freedom of being a free-lance artist. However, as time went by she had to accept the fact that working in visual effects was no longer nourishing her creative soul. And that’s how WhenWearGo was born.

Her goal with WhenWearGo was to take people on her travels and let them share her adventures with her. She started by sharing her pictures on Instagram and eventually created a website where she could really express her artistic flair. Traveling has become her passion and living in California has allowed her to take her followers on many journeys. Europe also holds a special place in her heart and she continues to build her WhenWearGo gallery with her travels to the continent.

In conjunction with her traveling, she also adores fashion. Recognizing that what you wear when you go places is equally important as where you go, she has incorporated fashion tips and advice into her website. Therefore, anyone reading her website can learn not only about interesting places to travel, but also about what fashion choices to make while traveling so that you can look good and be comfortable.

Please peruse the website and take in the sights and sounds of Alicia’s travel adventures. Bon voyage!